>Master Chief – Lesson 1 Making DAL

>Yesterday had a fight with my bro.. as he wanted somthing else to eat and i wanted to have DAL and Roti
only thing left was to make dal roti by my self and he brought what he wanted to eat from market…
sometimes its not too hard to make food but you need courage to make up your mind that you have to cock it, also you need to be well prepared for a backup..
but everything went fine
my First DAL Masoor Dal or pink lentil

vaise knowing software and able to use computer doesnt make food 😉


so u need 1 cup Masoor dal
1tsp jeera
1 tsp ghee
1 tsp salt
pinch of red chilli to taste
pinch of corriander powder to taste
1 tomato sliced

now take a bowl and put 1 cup dal with 3 cup water
on the other hand put a pressure cocker (lid open) on burner
add jeera, ghee, salt, chilli, corriander and tomato and put it on fire until its smelling good on full gas burner usually 2-3 mins and stirr it

then add Water + Dal into cocker (close Lid)

let it be on medium gas for 7-8 mins or until 1 whistle of cocker
then let it wait for 2-3 mins before opening cocker

you are ready to have a basic dal without much effort ,

why am i writing this?? just getting bored and wanted to tell its easy to make dal .
Guessing Making Roti ?? i know it and its easy if u dont know feel free to ask as to make how..

“Its good to have atleast something than starving otherwise you become fat early”


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  1. >What is "master cheif"

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